How to keep your knitted pocket square from dropping and perfectly in place all day

How to keep your pocket square perfectly in place all day.

Have you ever worn a pocket square only to find that it falls down the minute you walk around.

When it’s your wedding day the last thing you want to think about is having to adjust your pocket square for every photo or worse, you forget to adjust before the photos commence.

In this post and video you can find out how this little hack keeps your pocket square from dropping in to your breast pocket and keeping it perfectly in place all day.

Check out this video tutorial at the end of this post

To create this simple hack youre going to need:

  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • A piece of card, we used the side of a cereal box
  • and of course your knitted pocket square

Step 1

Take a long strip out of card. We are using a cereal box. Measure 5cm wide and mark the card then cut along.

Step 2

Place the long strip of card in to the breast pocket and mark the card at the top of the pocket

Step 3 

Measure 5cm above the pocket line and cut the card but making a nice curved edge. Ensure that the card doesnt have any sharpe edges so nto to snag the fabric.

Step 4

Takig your pocket square lay it on a flat surface, placing the top of the card in the centre of the knitted pocket square and bring the two corner down over the card.

Step 5

Pick up the pocket square whilst holding the card and wrap around the the rest of the material

Step 6

Keeping a tight hold of the pocket square, simply place the pocket square in the pocket and style as appropriate

November 28, 2022 — Matthew Boulding

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