8 tie colours to match your navy suit

How to match your tie and navy blue suit.

Picking the perfect suit takes time especially if you're rocking up on your big day so making sure that your tie game is as on point is just as key.

There are hundred of possible suit and tie combinations so we are focusing on navy suits with a white shirt. 

We have chosen 8 colours that will complement your navy suit this season and we have also considered what colours it pairs well with.. 

Antique Rose

Antique rose knitted tie and navy suit

Antique rose knitted tie

The perfect balance between dusty pink and neutral, rose quartz, this warm shade adds just the right amount of punch to your tailoring. It pairs perfectly with a pastel green dress.

Stone Grey 

Stone grey knitted tie and navy suit

Stone grey knitted tie

A rustic touch, balancing out some those bolder shades, or creating a little contrast, neutral tones but it does double-duty by balancing out the bold navy tones. Colour pairs well with mustard tones.

Rustic orange knitted tie

Rustic orange knitted tie and navy suit

Rustic orange knitted tie

The staple of a rustic wedding this aptly named tie brings a little bit of sunshine to your suit. This colour pairs well with greys and burgundy.

Misty blue knitted tie

Misty blue knitted tie and navy suit

Misty blue knitted tie

You'd have something new and something blue covered if you were the bride but this subtle blue adds depth to your navy suit. It pairs well with red hues.

 Sage Green

Sage green knitted tie and navy suit

Sage Green knitted tie

This seasons colour of choice. If you're attending you might want to check the colour theme because if you're not part of the wedding party you might look like you are. And as you guessed it pairs very well with ivory and white.

Burgundy knitted tie 

Burgundy knitted tie and navy suit

Burgundy knitted tie 

This wine-inspired tone is a perfect addition to any fall or winter colour palette. Pairs perfectly with pinks such as dusty pink and rose quartz.


Teal knitted tie and navy suit

Teal knitted ties

A versatile colour works well in any season.  You can pair with a range of colours for summer vibes by pairing with a pale pink or choose a burnt orange for those autumnal colour palettes.

Navy Blue

Navy blue knitted tie and navy suit

Navy blue knitted tie

A simple but classic just ensure that you are choosing a navy blue that works well with your own navy. With varying shades of navy pick one that works well with your suit. Pairs well with mustard and golden tones.


June 30, 2022 — Matthew Boulding

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