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Today's modern gent has a million things to do and very little time to do it in. The rise of subscription services means they can get what they love delivered to their door every month.

So what are the benefits of a subscription service.
  • Get the latest brands, books and products 
  • Value for money
  • Saves time trying to find new and exciting things to buy
  • Delivered to your door so you never forget
  • No commitment
  • & most of all, picked for you by experts who love them the most 
We've searched high and low to pull together some of the best subscription services for the man who has it all (except time that is).
Here's our top 15 subscriptions services that will keep the modern gentlemen entertained, looking sharp and well fed.


Broni&Bo monthly subscription services

A Broni&Bo subscription box provides the essential elements suited for today’s stylish man on the go.

For a monthly fee of £19.99, subscribers receive 3-6 accessories with a guaranteed value of over £40 including free delivery.

There are a wider range of items in each box, from silk knitted ties to pocket squares, lapel pins to cuff links. There really is no limit to its contents and best of all its commitment free so you can turn the subscription on and off when ever you want. 

Or they offer a simple knitted tie or knitted bow tie subscription.

Price: £12.99 - £29.99

The Spicery

the Spicery subscription service
Now, these delicious boxes are sent all over the world, introducing people to new ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques every month.

Cooking with spices really thrills the senses but they can sometimes feel complex and intimidating, so they try to make using them really easy, fun and convenient. Their monthly subscriptions contain all the fresh spices you need, measured out to make fantastic recipes and delivered through the letterbox every month - filling your own kitchen with the exciting colour and fragrance of the world.
Their subscriptions offer a wider range of choice with 7 subscription types to choose from. From Friday night curry club to meat free magic or date night to kitchen world explorer. With the variety of choice on offer there really is a subscription to suit all tastes.
Prices from £12.95


Nudo olive oil subscription

A subscription with a diffrence. Nudo Adopt is an adoption programme where you can adopt an Olive Tree from Italy or a Darjeeling Tea Garden in India. You will receive fresh premium Italian Olive Oil or Darjeeling Tea direct from your tree or garden, throughout the year. This makes a perfect gift.

Nudo Adopt is a collaboration of small scale, artisanal producers. The programme is a platform for micro-producers to bring high-quality, speciality food to a wider audience. Each producer keeps responsibility for the care of their grove, garden or field and Nudo helps give security to the farmers by making the link with the customer.

Prices: From £33 a quarter 

The Willoughby Book Club

The willoughby book club subscription

The Willoughby Book Club is an award-winning personalised book subscription service, with subscribers in over 30 countries.

Every month, each of their subscribers receives a new, gift-wrapped book which has been handpicked to their own personal reading tastes by WBC's team of literary experts.

The first book includes a personal message from the buyer, and for every subscription sold, the company donates a new book to the charity Book Aid International.

Fiction subscriptions are available in 3, 6 and 12 month options, with prices ranging from £34.99 to £104.99.

Prices: £34.99 - £104.99


TOPPBOX subscription service
TOPPBOX is a personalised grooming and skincare subscription box service for men.
They work closely with UK and international skincare brands to introduce new products to their male subscribers.
Upon subscription, each individual creates a unique Grooming Profile which then helps to curate a personalised box for you. Each subscriber can expect to receive a personalised assortment of 4 travel sized products covering all aspects of their grooming and skincare routine. The products inside each box range from hair styling, skincare, body care, anti-ageing, fragrances and many more. They also reward subscribers with unique discount codes and full sized products.
Prices: £10 a month + £1.95 P&P


 Beer52 subscription service

Beer52 is a monthly craft beer discovery club that sends you a deliciously different selection of craft beers per month. Their aim is to take you on a journey and share some of their favourite beers with you from around the planet!

If you're a complete novice of craft beer of you're a craft beer aficionado, their boxes are designed to fuel your passion for flavour and to learn a little bit about what's in your glass along the way.

Each month you will receive 8 different craft beers with each delivery offering a different theme to help you learn all about your new favourite beers. You'll also receive a free copy of their monthly magazine 'Ferment' packed with articles and news of the craft beer scene.

You'll also get a free snack in your monthly box to compliment the beers!

Price: from £21



Whether you're a seasoned runner who competes with the likes of Moses Kiptanui or you're more of a round the park kind of guy, JoggBox offers a great range of products for all running levels. Choose from a range of subscription, every two months you'll receive 8 to 10 nutritional products in a package including, energy bars, protein shakes, vitamin water and many other running accessories as well.

And if you love any of the products contained within the box you can order them individually through their online store.

£24.90 every 2 months

Close shave society

If you are forever using blunt blades because you forget to put them on the shopping list then the answer is here. Simply choose the blade, choose the subscription enter your details and say "Oh Yes" then sit back, relax and... 

Prices: from £4 a month


Field and Flower

Fieldandflowers meat subscription services

If you're a massive meat lover or know someone who is then this is the perfect meaty treat. The field&flower meat boxes offer great value for money. 

Its simple, you select your box size, (how much meat you can eat) add your contents and choose your delivery date. There’s no contract or tie-in and the boxes can be left in a safe place should you not be at home at the time of delivery. The boxes stay chilled for 36 hours.

With summer coming closer then this could be the perfect time to start building up the meat reserves in time for that sun.

You can even add in cheese - winner

Prices: From £55

Hotel Chocolat

hotel chocolate subscription club

If you have a sweet tooth then this subscription might be right up your street. 

Each month you will receive a box of exclusive new chocolate recipes. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 months and receive a new box every 4 weeks. You'll be sent a welcome pack where you can activate your membership and choose from a variety of packs available which include - Classic, Dark, Mellow, Fortified or Rare Cocoa - featuring exclusive recipes created for Tasting Club members only by Hotel Chocolat’s chocolatiers.

You'll also have exclusive access to manage your boxes online and their special edition collections.

From £60 for 3 months


vine wine subscription

If you've ever thought of yourself as a wine connoisseur then a subscription to Vinoa will leave a pleasant taste on your palet. Vinoa offer a unique wine subscription. Each month, receive samples of 4 great wines alongside fun, interactive, educational content.

How it works 

Sign up to their monthly subscription and each month you receive a box of 4 samplers selected around a theme.

Each box comes with a booklet guide, but you will also get access to an interactive video guide to help you learn about tasting in a fun approachable way.

& for those truely great wines you can stock up from their online store.

£9.99 a month

Bruu Tea

bruutea subscription service

For those of you that can't function without your daily caffeine intake and your drug of choice is tea, this is the perfect subscription to start the day.

Each month you'll receive 3 teas, all you need to do is let them know the types of teas you like, how many you want to try and around the 15th of each month get ready for one hell of a tasty cuppa, guaranteed and all for £10 a month which includes free delivery.

"Get the kettle on"

Price: £10 


Gousto recipe subscription

Gusto takes the hassle out of the weekly shop and the constant need to think of new ideas for dinner (or tea). Gousto provides most of the ingredients already measured out so its as simple as throwing the ingredients together following the instructions and setting the table.

You can see how it works here.

Prices: from £39 

the nutribox

nutribox gluten free subscription box

For the gluten free modern man the nutribox offers a selection of healthy gluten free snacks delivered to your door.

Select from 2 box themes: Classic or Artisan. Both options come from a selection of 50 healthy snacks. The Artisan box offers a slightly wider variety.

From £25 a month

Loot Crate

Lootcrate subscription

The #1 geek and gamer subscription box set. Each month receive a curated collection of epic exclusives and awesome items delivered straight to your door.

You get exclusive products from top pop culture franchises, including apparel, collectibles, gear and more.

From £17 a month

Have you tried any of the boxes, have suggestions for more then leave a comment below.

March 07, 2016 — Matthew Boulding


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I’m struggling to find a monthly subscription for an outdoors enthusiast. Someone into hunting, shooting and fishing. There are a few available in America like Battkebox but nothing here that I can find. Can you help

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