The history of the bow tie

The bow tie first entered the fashion world by storm in the 19th Century replacing the necktie. The piece became a main asset in a man’s wardrobe by the 1880s.
When the bow tie was first introduced it was only deemed acceptable for a formal occasion.
Now the bow tie is being moulded to use for various functions, it is now considered cool to be worn with an everyday street style outfit. The dapper gentlemen look is a high fashion trend now, adding the bow tie to a simple plain denim shirt will be accepted for everyday fashion.

Introducing the Bow Tie

The knotted bow ties were first introduced by the Croatian soldiers, after the war the French adopted the look and with Paris being a fashion capital, the upper class soon adopted the look where it then became a phenomenon.

At the beginning of their manufacture bow ties were gender specific to males but in the early 1920s it became more acceptable for females to wear the accessory.







The star Katharine Hepburn was known to wear males clothing in both her camera and off camera life. Katharine is one of the main stars that played a key role in determining that today popular celebrities are replicating her style, such as Beyoncé and Rihanna.

red knitted bow tie and denim shirt


With the massive success in bow ties the need for them is high and are now more readily available than ever and not only the upper class.

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August 11, 2014 — Matthew Boulding

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