The Suited and Booted Charity

How one charity aims to bring more than just style to the interview room for those looking to get back in to employment.

We've all been told "Don't judge a book by its cover".

However, thats half the battle when it comes to interviews, not looking the part can mean you're out of the running for the job before you've even mumbled through your strengths and weaknesses.

In a world where first impressions are everything, the way you look plays a huge role when interviewing for jobs and prospective employers notice everything from the clothes your wearing to your manners and mannerisms within a matter of seconds.

Most of us are lucky enough to recognise that wearing a great suit or smart clothing can be an empowering, transformative experience, the feeling of walking in to an interview looking your best gives you the confidence and self-esteem necessary to succeed at that job interview and into employment.

Stepping into a new suit or outfit not only changes the way others see you, but also changes the way you see yourself. When you feel and look your best, you exude confidence as well as eliciting power and in changing our mental processes

"Looking the part for an interview is half the battle"

There is no denying that dressing up smart helps bring the confidence needed in a some what unnatural setting.

Let's imagine for a second, you're the perfect candidate for the job and more than qualified for the job yet we told you that you weren't able to dress the way that you wanted, how would that make you feel?

Would that impact your confidence and your prospects of securing a job?

For some this situation is not a choice but a reality. 

One charity helping to bring style to the interview process in more was than one is Suited and Booted, a London based charity that helps vulnerable and unemployed men get back on their feet and in to employment. 

Who are Suited and Booted

The London Based charity are supporting men who may be struggling and in need of support, both financial and practical. They may not have the means to wear suitable clothes to ‘look the part’ and therefore unable to give themselves the best possible chance at a job interview.

Suited & Booted are looking to provide suitable clothing to those looking for work and provide the support to guide them through the process of a job interview.

Offering this support help give them better prospects of success and contributes to their general self-confidence and self-esteem.

Psychologist Dr Mair says: "Being well dressed can improve our self-confidence and what we wear affects how we are perceived by others. Therefore, wearing appropriate clothes, for example, a formal suit for an interview, builds our confidence and can make us appear more serious, conscientious and respectful." 

"Our aim to make a difference so they can move forward with the ability to succeed and find their own way in society."

They also offer interview advice and mentoring. In their first year, they helped around 800 men prepare for their job interview by providing them with a suit, shirt and tie, and accessories.

There is a huge demand for their services, and now in it's second year are expecting to support around 1000 clients.


Suited and Booted Polka dot knitted tie and suit suited and booted with knitted tie and suit

Suited and booted pin stripe suite Suited and Booted Polka dot knitted tie and suit

As a new charity they rely heavily upon the kindness of volunteers, financial contributions and clothing donations to help continue the work that they do.

Thats why we have teamed up with Suited and Booted and there are many ways in which you can help too.

So, how can you help

There are three ways you can help support the charity below: (see links for further details)

Volunteering: They are looking for help fitting clients, assisting with the smooth running of the Wardrobe, sewing, interview training and mentoring, and administrative support.

Clothing Donations: Any clothes you donate, go directly to one of their clients, helping him look good, feel confident and increase his chances of a successful outcome.

Money Donations:  Individual or corporate donations are key to support service provision and will give immediate help and support to their clients.

You can find the contact details below


Tel: 07808 531 654

The Suited & Booted Centre Ltd
111 Fleet St

City of London

September 05, 2017 — Matthew Boulding

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