broniandbo using augmented reality for ties

Creating an immersive shopping experience is becoming more and more of a reality thanks to Augmented Reality

We are seeing more and more businesses are adopting Augmented Reality, with ASOS being the latest fashion brand to use the technology for their virtual catwalk.
AR is clearly on the rise, which consequentially will improve both access and engagement across all markets.
By 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality (AR) according to leading research company, Gartner

So, what is augmented reality?

Essentially it is technology that enables you to see additional content in the world around you, so that it looks like it is actually there in the real life. Think  Pokémon Go, the world's most popular AR mobile game that enables you to see and play with Pokémon characters in the world that surrounds you. At it's peak of popularity it had 65 million users, demonstrating the success of the game.
What about IKEA's Place app? The app allows users to see what furniture will look like in their own home. Every product is true to scale, so you can make sure that the sofa, bed or bookcase that you have your eye on, fits into the space that you have. No more measuring, forgetting to measure or measuring incorrectly. 
Or how about cosmetic giant L'Oreal teaming up with Amazon to allow consumers to try on different shades of lipstick before they make a purchase. Think of it like a Snapchat filter (which is also AR). The app identifies your face and then will virtually show you what you would look like with the lipstick colour you choose to try on.
Teaming up with the Amazon app potentially makes it easier and faster to buy lipstick than having to visit a traditional store and try on tester lipsticks. They hope to expand to different cosmetics such as eye shadow and foundation in the near future.
As we can see, the true benefit of augmented reality is the potential to provide an immersive shopping experience that empowers customers to remotely explore every inch, every part, and every angle of a product, without having to purchase it first.  

Bringing our accessories to life

At Broni&Bo we launched augmented reality to do just that, to offer customers a closer look at our knitted ties and bow ties, which is impossible to do from traditional product photography. It also provides the ability to virtually try the products on in the comfort of their own home. 

One of our key goals in implementing AR was to help make planning a wedding that little bit easier. Planning a wedding? Well, we know that choosing a colour scheme for a wedding is one of the first and biggest decisions that is made by a couple. It helps set the tone and vibe for the big day and helps make other style decisions throughout the planning process, such as the colour of the accessories for the groom and his groomsmen.

Our extensive range of colours mean that the groom can see what him and his groomsmen will look like in both their suit and preferred knitted ties or bow ties, in a few taps of an iPhone. 

Then there is the benefit of accessibility. Our accessories have been bought in over 35 countries but we feel that if the colour or style isn’t right, using AR can help avoid the hassle of purchasing, trying and returning or exchanging.

We worked with AR experts at Sayduck to create high-quality models of our products to deliver them in augmented reality which can be accessed via our online store.

This was a new challenge for the Sayduck team, "Working with Broni&Bo was an exciting new area for us. We have previously worked with furniture and home retailers but this is our first foray into the world of fashion retail. We're extremely happy with the result and hope to continue to deliver AR solutions in other industries as we be believe it drives product engagement and provides customers with more confidence to make a purchase," said Sayduck's Head of Sales, Gintare Vaisvile.

We want to help make the decision of which knitted tie or bow tie to buy, as easy possible. We are blending home shopping and retail with virtual reality using the latest augmented reality. This is shopping 3.0

Check out our latest range of colours in our augmented reality show room. You can find out how to view our wedding ties and bow ties in our handy augmented reality guide

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July 01, 2019 — Jenny Boulding

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