knitted tie etiquette, the do's and donts of wearing a knitted tie

Knitted tie etiquette

If you choose to wear a knitted tie then follow these 4 simple rules to keep it looking smart.


  1. Don't tie your tie too long or too short. Whether you are wearing a square end or pointed knitted tie, the bottom of the tie should sit nicely at your belt level
  2. Don't let the knot get twisted when you are pulling it through the loop. Straighten out the tie before pulling it tight, this will keep the tie straight all day. Opt for a tie clip to keep it perfectly in place
  3. Don't have your collar unbuttoned. You have gone to the lenghts to look smart by wearing a tie so complete the look with the top button done up.
  4. Don't use a large knot to tie your knitted tie. Due to the composite material of a knitted tie it will create a very large knot and not look proportionate to rest of the tie. The perfect knot for a knitted tie is a 4 in hand.   
  5. Don't tuck the slim part of your tie in to your shirt as this can cause the tie to twist throughout the day. Any good tie should have a loop on the reverse for you to neatly took the end of the tie in. The weight of the slim part also helps to hold down the tie and limits the chances of the tie twisting.  


  1. Use a 4 in hand knot
  2. Create a tie dimple
  3. Lenght of tie to waistband
  4. Collar buttoned up 

Check out this video to see how to keep your knitted tie looking smart all day 

November 29, 2022 — Matthew Boulding

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