How we go from colour ideation to product live on our website

How we go from colour ideation to product live on our website.

Choosing the colour palette for your special day will influence both the vision and aesthetics for the whole of your wedding

At Broni&Bo we know how important offering the latest seasons colours throughout the year is.

Here we take a look at how we choose the colours for our 2023 knitted ties and knitted bow ties wedding collection.

  1. First we start out with the colour research. There is a lot of discovery that goes in to identifying next seasons colours.
  2. We look at popular blogs like rock my wedding, to see what colour bridesmaides dresses are or will be in fashion throughout the coming year.
  3. Heading over to instagram to check brands like rewritten who specialise in bridesmaidsdresses and also pinterest for more inspiration.
  4. Once we have the colours I think its probably the hardest part, deciding the shades. I always look at them in the morning at night and in also in different lights over a few days because I think they can look different in different lighting. Then after a few days Im ready to make the decision. Ive changed my mind several times in the process
  5. Then its over to order the stock: We always order pocket square, tie, bow tie,and kids bow ties as part of our wedding range. 
  6. Next it’s to agree the names of the colours. There are so many different shades and names I try to stick to those that are most searched for and also what colour they are using for the bridesmaid dresses where possible.
  7. I will then set about creating draft pages on our website so that we can use the URL for creating barcode listings on GS1 website 
  8. Then its creating our barcodes adding in all the relevant information. Once done ill download the file and have them sent for printing. I have a printer company do this for us. Just preference and easier life as we have 200+ SKUs to manage
  9. Products are shipped to us and arrive around between 4- weeks depending on the sixe of the order
  10. Then its unpacking and checking quantity and colours before storage
  11. Now the products are here we can take our product shots. We have been photographing all our own products until recently, very glamorous photo studio. We just use a photo editing app to remove the background
  12. We can no upload the final editing images to the website, add alt text and publish
  13. Quick check on the website that they are all up and running.
  14. And that is our quick step by step guide to bring you the latest in groom and his groomsmen accessories

If you would like to no more about how our ties are manufacturerd then check out The Quality of your Knitted Tie

November 29, 2022 — Matthew Boulding

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