Light grey wedding suit mood board

A light grey suit is a classic option for a spring or summer wedding. 

As a neutral colour, it allows you to be creative with your tie or bow tie colours. Whether you're having a destination beach wedding and want to keep it light with a pastel colour. Or you'd like to make it slightly more formal with a darker colour. We've got you.

Light coloured knitted ties that work best with a pale grey suit

Pastel Blue

Pastel blue is a great choice for those summer weddings. Although it's a light colour, it will stand out against the neutral grey. It will make any blue eyes pop, and it's a great colour to match with bridesmaid dresses. Why not try it with Rewritten's Bluebell Blue bridesmaid dresses?

Antique Rose
Antique Rose is another option that works really well with a light grey suit. It's giving vibes of Lake Como, Santorini or Provence. It matches perfectly with these Rose Pink bridesmaid dresses.

Bold coloured knitted ties that work best with a pale grey suit 

Rustic Orange

Rustic orange will add a warm accent of colour. Orange hues were big for weddings in 2022 and we predict the colour trend will continue well into 2023. It gives sunny, golden hour vibes.

Mustard Yellow

Groom's will definitely stand out when they pair a light grey suit with our mustard yellow knitted tie and pocket square. 

Dark coloured knitted ties that work best with a pale grey suit



Bringing a little bit of formality into play, a pale grey suit looks so good with a dark Green knitted tie.

We also recommend Moss Green and Dark Olive.

Moss Green knitted tie and pocket square set with grey suit Dark olive green  knitted tie and pocket square set with grey suit     

Finally a classic dark blue looks ever so chic when paired with a light grey suit. We see this look regularly on Daniel Craig and David Gandy, and we think they know a thing or two about what looks good with a suit.

Try one of these hues of blue; Navy and Midnight Blue knitted ties.


Still looking for more inspiration, check out all out knitted tie and pocket squares to find your perfect match.

14 gennaio 2023 — Matthew Boulding

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