Launch of new exciting gift sets for men by Broni&Bo

If you are looking for gift inspiration for the man with everything we have plenty to tempt you with. Get ready to shop our latest range of men’s accessory gift sets.

If you are gift hunting for those hard to find men in your life then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are searching for birthdays, anniversary, groom, best man (and if you're reading this in November dare I say Christmas gifts) there really is something for all.

There are a wide range of boxes to choose from, be it luxurious leather personalised wallets, knitted ties and pocket squares, socks, dapper bow ties a unique set of cufflinks that will bring a dash of individuality to your look or a personalised money clip and socks. There really is a large selection to choose from.

We've put together our top 5 boxes for some inspiration.

Mens Gift Set - Brown Style Box
Brown Knitted Bow Tie, Brown Woven Belt, Brown Flower Lapel Pin, Brown Polka Dot Socks
Mens Gift Set - Grey and polka dot knitted tie with cuff links
Grey Polka Dot Knitted Silk Tie, Black Leather Wallet & Gun Metal Cuff Links

Mens Gift Set - Navy Blue Box

Navy Blue Knitted Tie, Navy Blue Leather Wallet, Navy Blue Woven Belt and White Pocket Square with Navy Trim

Mens Gift Set - Burgundy

 Burgundy and White Stripe Knitted Tie, Burgundy Velvet Lapel Flower Pin, Red Woven Belt & Burgundy and Yellow Diamond Socks - Cotton

Mens Gift Set - The Pink Box

Pink Cuff Links,  Pink Knitted Bow Tie, Pick Knitted Pocket Square & Pink Flower Lapel Pin

All boxes come with our signature gift box as standard.

If you find that you want to curate a bespoke box because no one knows there loved one better than you then simply email Simply let us know which accessories you think he’ll love.

You can find all our gift sets here

04 maggio 2016 — Matthew Boulding

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