Understanding Knitted Tie Weaves: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Knitted Tie

What is a knitted tie weave and why does it matter?

A knitted tie weave refers to the pattern in which the yarn is knitted together to create the fabric of the tie. The weave can have a significant impact on the look, feel, and overall quality of the tie.

Different weaves can create different textures, thicknesses, and finishes to the tie, allowing for a range of styles and options for the wearer.

Understanding the different weaves of knitted ties can help you choose the perfect tie for your desired look and occasion.

In this guide we focus on why we here at Broni&Bo choose a specific weave for our wedding range and the benefits for your wedding attire.

Types of knitted tie weaves 

There are two typical types of knitted tie weaves, 1x1 and 2x2 weaves, each with their unique characteristics and benefits.

What is a 1x1 Weave Knitted Tie?

A 1x1 weave is a type of knitted fabric that creates a tight and dense texture. In a 1x1 weave, each vertical strand of yarn goes over and under each horizontal strand, creating a simple and uniform pattern. This type of weave is often used in high-quality knitted clothing, as it creates a durable and structured fabric.

Knitted tie and bow tie 1x1 weave Copper Knitted tie and bow tie close up of material swatch

A 1x1 weave is a tighter knit, which means that the tie is thinner and denser. This type of weave creates a classic and timeless look, perfect for a more formal occasion like a wedding.

Knitted tie 1x1 weave Copper Knitted tie pointed end close up

The tight knit also provides more structure and stiffness to the tie, making it easier to maintain its shape and knot throughout the day. However, some people may find a 1x1 weave to be less comfortable than a looser weave, especially if the tie is worn for an extended period.

Knitted tie 1x1 weave Copper Knitted tie pointed end reverse with tie in loop

We always recommend a 1x1 weave knitted tie for your wedding day for several reasons. Firstly, the tight and dense texture of the tie creates a polished and formal look that is perfect for a wedding. The structure and stiffness of the tie also make it easier to maintain its shape and knot throughout the day, ensuring that you look sharp and put-together from the ceremony to the reception.

In addition to its formal appearance, a 1x1 weave knitted tie also provides a level of texture and depth to your outfit. The tight weave creates a subtle pattern that adds interest and dimension to your look without being too bold or distracting. This texture can also be a great way to add visual interest and personality to a more classic or simple suit.

In addition to its formal appearance, a

Another benefit of a 1x1 weave knitted tie is its durability and longevity. This type of tie is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand regular wear and tear, making it a smart investment for your wardrobe. Additionally, the classic and timeless look of a 1x1 weave knitted tie means that it will never go out of style, ensuring that you can wear it for years to come.

What is a 2x2 weave?

A 2x2 weave knitted tie is constructed by interlocking two sets of yarns, each containing two yarns, in a diagonal pattern. This creates a textured and flexible fabric that is perfect for knitted ties.

The knitting process involves using a specialised knitting machine to produce the fabric, which is then cut and sewn into the shape of a tie. The resulting knitted tie has a distinctive look and feel that sets it apart from other types of ties.

A 2x2 weave is looser and more textured weave, creating a more casual and relaxed look. The looser knit also provides more flexibility and movement to the tie, making it more comfortable to wear.

Knitted tie 2x2 weave navy blue square end tie

Additionally, a 2x2 weave tie is more forgiving when it comes to knots, as it is easier to adjust and untie. However, a looser weave tie may not provide the same level of structure and formality as a tighter weave, which may be less appropriate for formal occasions.

Knitted tie 2x2 weave prussian blue polka dot

You are more likely to find this weave used in more casual knitted ties along with work attire and hospitality uniforms.

 Combining weaves to create a unique pattern

Knitted tie combinaiton of 2x2 and 1x1 weave champagne gold 


Ultimately, the choice between a 1x1 and 2x2 weave comes down to personal preference and the occasion. If you're looking for a classic and formal look for your wedding outfit, a 1x1 weave tie may be the perfect choice. However, if you prefer a more casual and comfortable look, a 2x2 weave tie may be more suitable.

Knitted bow tie 1x1 weave Copper Knitted bow tie close up

Our recommendation, which is why all our wedding range of knitted ties and knitted bow ties use is the 1x1 weave to ensure durability and will maintain its shape throughout the day.

May 02, 2023 — Matthew Boulding

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