Reflecting on 2023: Wedding Colour Palettes and Trend Insights

Unveiling our 2023's Wedding Colour Stories: Trends, Palettes, and Inspiration for 2024

The colour experts at Pantone's Colour Institute have extensively explored the globe in search of emerging colour influences. Their meticulous selection process involves thoughtful consideration and trend analysis, delving into various realms such as the entertainment industry, films in production, traveling art collections, and the work of emerging artists. Of paramount importance to us is the influence of the fashion world.

In conjunction with Pantone selecting Peach Fuzz as their colour of the year, or what we fondly refer to as Rose Quartz, let's reflect on this year's colour choice when it comes to wedding themes. This retrospective gaze might help in making that pivotal decision when defining the theme of your wedding and selecting the colours for the groom's accessories, groomsmens suit and your bridesmaids dresses.

Taking a step back, we'll examine both last year's colour and product choices of 2023 offering insight from leading brands in the field of suits and bridesmaids dresses as we anticipate the influences likely to shape 2024.

Top 5 Groomsmen Accessory Colours for 2023

Wedding colour schemes typically endure for 4-5 years. Before the colour of the year took centre stage, our prominent hues ranged from dusty pinks and champagne to burnt orange and moss greens for those embracing autumnal vibes.

This year's standout colour has been Sage Green. Its popularity has paved the way for other complementing shades to thrive, with Antique Rose stepping in for Dusty Pink and Dark Olive Green growing in popularity over Moss Green.

2023 Knitted tie and knitted bow tie colour trends
  1. Sage Green

  2. Antique Rose

  3. Champagne

  4. Burnt Orange

  5. Green

While Sage Green continues to reign supreme in our colour palette, the world of accessories unveils a nuanced narrative, where each piece tells a unique story. In our journey through colour trends, it's evident that the choice of accessory can significantly shape the overall aesthetic of your ensemble.

For the fourth consecutive year, knitted ties have outperformed knitted bow ties by a remarkable four-to-one ratio. However, the numbers tell only part of the tale.

Interestingly, the addition of pocket squares has witnessed an extraordinary surge, with a staggering 340% increase compared to the previous year. This surge suggests that more and more individuals are recognising the transformative power of this small yet impactful accessory.


    Insights from Retailer: Suits and Bridesmaid Dresses

    Bridgewater Menswear

    Stone three piece suit with Dakr Olive Green Knitted Bow Ties and knitted ties from Bridgewater menswear


    Shades of green, particularly olive green, have taken the spotlight in 2023, encompassing hues like sage and moss green which are set to resonate into 2024, with an increasing number of customers expressing a preference for green suits and accessories. Additionally, antique rose remains a timeless and versatile choice, providing a subtle blush pink touch that elegantly complements lighter-coloured suits. As a classic staple, it continues to be a favoured option for discerning couples.


    Another notable trend is the emergence of navy as a favoured tie colour, especially when paired with the navy/stone combination suit. Its deep, rich tones add refinement and sophistication to wedding ensembles. Meanwhile, burgundy maintains its perennial popularity, offering a timeless appeal that seamlessly complements navy suits. Lastly, burnt orange, once associated primarily with autumn and winter weddings, has transcended seasonal boundaries, becoming a sought-after choice throughout the entire year. Its warm, earthy tones add contemporary charm to wedding colour palettes, reflecting the evolving preferences of couples seeking vibrancy and sophistication for their celebration.

    Vanessa @ Bridgewater Menswear


    Groom and groomsmen in broniandbo ties dark olive green Dark burnt orange bridesmaid dresses and matching knitted ties  Brooklyn_Satin_Terracotta_Rust_Brown_Strappy_Slip_Bridesmaids_Dress_Waist_Sash_4 Olive Green Bridemaid dresses with matching tie ties roma_halterneck_cross_front_sage_green_mint_marine_satin_bridesmaids_dress_4

    Some bridesmaids trends change yearly and some are definitely here to stay - one of those is green. Green bridesmaids dresses have been a popular choice for the past few years and we don't see this one going anywhere any time soon. The most popular colour being Olive green, but with hints of dark forest green, soft sage green and even pistachio might be in the limelight for 2024. Shades of burnt orange and browns will also be a trend of 2024, with maybe a hint of purple and soft yellow.

    Ella @ Rewritten 

      Wedding Theme Inspiration for 2024

      Embarking on the journey to plan your dream wedding involves myriad decisions, and none are more central than choosing the perfect colour scheme.

      In this exploration, and taking inspiration from our best sellign colours we delve into the five most captivating colour sections of the year—Sage Green, Antique Rose, Champagne, Olive Green, and Forest Green as well as a nod to Rose Quartz, pantone colour of the year. These carefully popular colour themes not only evoke specific moods but also offer a wealth of inspiration to guide brides and grooms-to-be on their quest for a truly enchanting celebration.

      Sage Green

      knitted ties for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo 2 Sage Green knitted ties for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandboKnitted ties for wedding groom groomsmen and father of the bride from broniandbo Sage Green knitted ties for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo Sage Green knitted ties for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo


      Rustic Elegance

      Colour Palette: Sage Green, Ivory, Dusty Rose, and Natural Wood Tones.

      Details: Embrace a rustic elegance theme by pairing Sage Green with soft neutrals like ivory and dusty rose, along with natural wood tones. Incorporate wooden elements, such as farm tables and chairs, and accentuate with florals in muted pinks. This theme creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it well-suited for rustic barn weddings or outdoor celebrations.

      Enchanted Forest:

      Colour Palette: Sage Green, Deep Burgundy, Midnight Blue, and Gold.

      Details: Create a magical ambiance with an enchanted forest theme featuring Sage Green, deep burgundy, midnight blue, and gold accents. Use fairy lights, lush greenery, and dark-hued florals to evoke a mysterious and dreamy feel. This theme is perfect for couples who want to infuse their celebration with a touch of fantasy and woodland charm.

      Modern Minimalism:

      Colour Palette: Sage Green, White, Charcoal Gray, and Metallic Accents.

      Details: Achieve a modern and minimalist aesthetic by combining Sage Green with a clean palette of white, charcoal gray, and metallic accents. Opt for sleek and simple decor, such as geometric shapes and metallic tableware. This theme is ideal for couples who appreciate a contemporary and understated elegance, creating a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere.

      These Sage Green-inspired themes provide a glimpse into the versatility of this colour, allowing couples to tailor their wedding decor to match their unique style and preferences. Whether it's a rustic celebration, a magical forest affair, or a modern minimalist event, Sage Green can set the tone for a memorable and visually stunning wedding.

      Antique Rose

      Antique rose knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo Antique rose knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo

      Antique rose knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo Antique rose knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo

      Antique Rose, with its vintage charm and subtle elegance, pairs wonderfully with various wedding themes. Here are three standout colour themes that complement Antique Rose, along with additional details for each:

      Vintage Glamour:

      Colour Palette: Antique Rose, Gold, Ivory, and Muted Greens.

      Details: Create a vintage glamour theme by combining Antique Rose with luxurious gold accents, ivory elements, and muted greens. Incorporate elements like antique-inspired lace, vintage china, and crystal chandeliers for an opulent and timeless atmosphere. This theme exudes sophistication and romance, making it perfect for couples who appreciate classic elegance.

      Whimsical Garden:

      Colour Palette: Antique Rose, Sage Green, Dusty Blue, and Soft Lavender.

      Details: Embrace the whimsy of a garden-inspired theme by pairing Antique Rose with soft and muted tones like Sage Green, Dusty Blue, and Soft Lavender. Use lush greenery, delicate florals, and natural textures to create a romantic outdoor setting. This theme is ideal for couples seeking a fairy tale-like ambiance with a touch of vintage charm, perfect for spring or summer weddings.

      Bohemian Romance:

      Colour Palette: Antique Rose, Terracotta, Mustard Yellow, and Bohemian Greens.

      Details: Achieve a bohemian romance with Antique Rose as the focal colour, complemented by warm tones like Terracotta and Mustard Yellow, along with bohemian greens. Incorporate eclectic patterns, macramé details, and natural textures for a laid-back yet romantic feel. This theme is well-suited for couples who desire a free-spirited and unique wedding, blending vintage aesthetics with bohemian elements.

      Each of these themes allows Antique Rose to shine in its own way, creating distinct atmospheres that cater to different tastes and preferences. Couples can customize these themes further to reflect their personal style and vision for their special day. 


      Champagne knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo

      Champagne, an elegant and sophisticated colour, brings a touch of refinement to wedding palettes. Here are three delightful colour themes that harmonize beautifully with Champagne, adding a touch of British flair:

      Classic Romance:

      Colour Palette: Champagne, Blush Pink, Ivory, and Gold.

      Details: Create a timeless and romantic atmosphere with a classic colour palette of Champagne, blush pink, ivory, and gold accents. Incorporate soft florals in blush tones, elegant gold table settings, and candlelit centrepieces. This theme exudes sophistication and is perfect for couples seeking a traditional and romantic celebration.

      English Garden Affair:

      Colour Palette: Champagne, Sage Green, Soft Lavender, and Cream.

      Details: Capture the charm of an English garden with a colour scheme featuring Champagne, sage green, soft lavender, and cream. Adorn your venue with lush greenery, lavender-infused florals, and vintage-inspired decor. This theme is ideal for couples who appreciate the beauty of an outdoor garden setting and want to infuse a touch of English countryside romance into their celebration.

      Regal Elegance:

      Colour Palette: Champagne, Navy Blue, Burgundy, and Metallic Accents.

      Details: Embrace regal elegance by combining Champagne with navy blue, burgundy, and metallic accents. Incorporate rich textures, such as velvet and metallic finishes, and use deep-hued florals for a luxurious touch. This theme is perfect for couples who desire a sophisticated and opulent wedding, reminiscent of a grand British affair.

      These Champagne-inspired themes showcase the versatility of this refined colour, allowing couples to curate a wedding atmosphere that reflects their personal style. Whether it's a classic romantic celebration, an English garden affair, or a regally elegant event, Champagne sets the stage for a wedding that exudes grace and timeless beauty.

      Burnt Orange

      Burnt orange knitted bow ties groomsmen colour themes for 2024

      A colour that exudes richness and sophistication, Burnt Orange opens the door to a myriad of enchanting wedding themes. These themes are designed to inspire those seeking a blend of elegance, whimsy, and timeless romance for their special day.

      Autumn Elegance:

      Colour Palette: Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Gold, and Ivory.

      Details: Embrace the richness of autumn with a palette featuring Burnt Orange, burgundy, gold, and ivory. Incorporate deep red florals, golden accents, and ivory elements to create an elegant ambiance reminiscent of a fall evening. This theme is perfect for couples seeking a sophisticated and warm atmosphere for their special day.

      Bohemian Rhapsody:

      Colour Palette: Burnt Orange, Earthy Brown, Sage Green, and Mustard Yellow.

      Details: Infuse a bohemian spirit into your wedding with a palette featuring Burnt Orange, earthy brown, sage green, and mustard yellow. Incorporate natural elements, such as wooden decor, greenery, and touches of mustard yellow, to create a free-spirited and eclectic celebration. This theme is ideal for couples who desire a laid-back and whimsical wedding experience.

      Rustic Romance:

      Colour Palette: Burnt Orange, Navy Blue, Copper, and Eucalyptus Green.

      Details: Create a rustic yet romantic atmosphere with a colour scheme featuring Burnt Orange, navy blue, copper, and eucalyptus green. Combine warm orange hues with deep blues, metallic copper accents, and fresh eucalyptus greenery for a charming and timeless celebration. This theme is perfect for couples envisioning a wedding with a rustic touch and timeless appeal.

      Each theme offers a unique perspective on incorporating Burnt Orange into your wedding, allowing you to create an atmosphere that resonates with your personal style and vision.



      Green knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo.jpg

      Forest Green, a rich and timeless hue, brings a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to wedding colour schemes. Here are three enchanting colour themes that complement Forest Green, offering a blend of elegance and organic charm:

      Enchanted Forest:

      Colour Palette: Forest Green, Burgundy, Gold, and Ivory.

      Details: Transform your wedding venue into an enchanted forest with a palette featuring Forest Green, burgundy, gold, and ivory. Incorporate lush greenery, deep red florals, and gold accents to evoke a fairy-tale ambiance. This theme is perfect for couples who seek a magical and romantic atmosphere surrounded by the beauty of nature.

      Woodland Whimsy:

      Colour Palette: Forest Green, Earthy Brown, Soft Peach, and Copper.

      Details: Embrace woodland charm by combining Forest Green with earthy brown, soft peach, and copper accents. Use wooden elements, soft peach blooms, and copper details to create a whimsical and natural setting. This theme is ideal for couples who envision a wedding that feels like a stroll through a magical woodland glade.

      Timeless Elegance:

      Colour Palette: Forest Green, Ivory, Silver, and Navy Blue.

      Details: Achieve timeless elegance with a colour scheme featuring Forest Green, ivory, silver, and navy blue. Incorporate lush greenery, ivory florals, and metallic accents for a classic and refined atmosphere. This theme is perfect for couples who desire a sophisticated and timeless wedding with a touch of natural beauty.

      Forest Green's versatility allows couples to explore themes ranging from enchanted forest settings to woodland whimsy and timeless elegance. Whether it's an enchanted forest affair, a woodland-inspired celebration, or a classically elegant event, Forest Green provides a rich and versatile foundation for couples to create a wedding that is both timeless and enchanting.

      Rose Quartz / Peach Fuzz 

      Rose Quartz or Peach Fuzz knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo Rose Quartz or Peach Fuzz knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo

      Rose Quartz or Peach Fuzz knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo Rose Quartz or Peach Fuzz knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo Rose Quartz or Peach Fuzz knitted tie sets for grooms groomsmen weddings from broniandbo

      Peach Fuzz, Pantone 13-1023, emerges as the colour of the year, and its warm and inviting tones open a world of possibilities for wedding colour schemes. Here, we explore three enchanting themes, each capturing the essence of Peach Fuzz and offering couples a palette that radiates charm and sophistication:

      Whispering Romance:

      Colour Palette: Peach Fuzz, Rose Quartz, Blush Pink, Ivory, and Gold.

      Details: Immerse your celebration in the soft allure of Peach Fuzz paired with blush pink, ivory, and hints of gold. Create a romantic ambiance with delicate blooms, ethereal fabrics, and golden accents. Perfect for couples seeking a wedding that whispers romance and timeless elegance.

      Sun-Kissed Bliss:

      Colour Palette: Peach Fuzz, Coral, Terracotta, and Sage Green.

      Details: Embrace the warmth of Peach Fuzz by combining it with coral, terracotta, and sage green. Infuse your venue with the glow of a sun-kissed paradise, incorporating vibrant florals, earthy textures, and greenery. Ideal for couples dreaming of a wedding bathed in the radiance of a sunlit afternoon. 

      Vintage Peach Affair:

      Colour Palette: Peach Fuzz, Dusty Blue, Mauve, and Copper.

      Details: Capture the vintage charm with Peach Fuzz, dusty blue, mauve, and copper accents. Evoke a sense of timeless beauty with muted tones, delicate flowers, and copper elements. Tailored for couples desiring a wedding that blends the nostalgia of the past with the vibrancy of the present.

      Peach Fuzz, the Pantone colour of the year, invites couples to explore themes that range from whispering romance to sun-kissed bliss and vintage peach affair. Whether it's an ethereal and romantic celebration, a vibrant and sunlit affair, or a nostalgic vintage gathering, Peach Fuzz offers a perfect canvas for couples to paint their love story with warmth and sophistication.

      And finally, let's dive into the top colours for 2023 by product type, keeping in mind that the interplay of shades can vary depending on the product chosen:

      Top 5 Colours for Tie and Pocket Square Sets:

      Popular wedding colours in 2023 and 2024 for knitted tie and pocket square
      1. Sage Green
      2. Antique Rose
      3. Champagne
      4. Olive Green
      5. Green

      Top 5 Colours for Knitted Ties:

      Top 5 Colours for Knitted Ties:
      1. Sage Green
      2. Champagne
      3. Antique Rose
      4. Olive Green
      5. Burnt Orange

      Top 5 Colours for Knitted Bow Tie and Pocket Square Sets:

      Top 5 Colours for Knitted Bow Tie and Pocket Square Sets:
      1. Sage Green
      2. Burnt Orange
      3. Copper
      4. Mustard Yellow
      5. Antique Rose

      Top 5 Colours for Bow Ties:

      Top 5 Colours for Knitted Bow Ties:
      1. Sage Green
      2. Burnt Orange
      3. Antique Rose
      4. Copper
      5. Champagne

      Top 5 Children's Knitted Bow Ties:

      Top 5 Children's Knitted Bow Ties:
      1. Sage Green
      2. Burnt Orange
      3. Green
      4. Champagne
      5. Burgundy

      As we conclude this vivid journey through the kaleidoscope of wedding colour possibilities and accessories, remember that your choice is a reflection of your unique style as a couple. Whether you're drawn to the whispering romance of Peach Fuzz, the timeless elegance of Forest Green, or any other enchanting hue, each colour holds the power to transform your wedding into a truly memorable affair. With these insights, here's to a colourful beginning and a lifetime of vibrant love!


      December 14, 2023 — Matthew Boulding

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