mens Winter wardrobe ideas with knitted ties and bow ties

How to incorporate knitted ties and knitted bow ties in to your winter wardrobe 

9 looks to see you through the winter months, from start up casual to New Years Eve Black Tie.

Mens style guide this winter - Trousers

Clothing: Grey jacket, lapel pin, grey merino wool jumper, black leather credit card holder, black brogue shoes & grey wool Trousers

Pair with: Black silk knitted tie

Style Ideas for Men this winter camel jacket and bow tie

Clothing: Camel jacket, lion and Anchor bracelet, brown chelsea boots, flower lapel pin, white shirt and houndstooth print trousers

Pair with: Burgundy Knitted Bow Tie & matching pocket square

Mens style guide this winter jacket and boots

Clothing: Navy Blue Fleck Jacket, antler lapel pin, white shirt, red woven belt, leather credit card holder, brown brogue boots and jeans

Pair with: Burgundy polka dot knitted tie

Mens style guide this winter

Clothing: Navy blue jacket, white shirt olive woven belt, brown merino wool jumper, burgundy brogues & anchor bracelet

Pair with:  Navy blue polka dot knitted tie

Mens guide to style this winter

Clothing: Grey check jacket, brown merino wool jumper, indigo jeans, anchor bracelet, lapel flower and brown brogues

Pair with: Rustic orange knitted pocket square 

Style Ideas for men this winter

Clothing: Grey jacket, indigo jeans, black woven belt, white shirt, lapel pin, black boots

Pair with:  Charcoal Grey polka got knitted tie 

Style Ideas for Men this winter cardigan and bow tie

Clothing: Blue cardigan, brown brogue, white shirt and blue chinos

Pair with: Champagne knitted bow tie

Style Ideas for Men this winter

Clothing: Navy jeans, grey woven belt, grey brogue boots, white shirt, anchor bracelet and jazzy socks

Pair with: Navy blue and red polka dot knitted tie

Style Ideas for Men this winter including black tie

Clothing: Black Tuxedo, black dress shoes, back watch and Tom Ford, tuscan leather

Pair with: Black silk knitted bow tie 

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January 05, 2021 — Matthew Boulding

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