Facebook messenger and whatsapp

You already use Facebook Messenger and no doubt your like whatsapp'ing to communicate with your friends and family and now you can use it to communicate with us too.

We are excited to launch these new features so to celebrate we are giving out some exciting discount codes and money off to the first twenty people to message us: "Show me the knitted goods".   

We love to talk and nothing more so than about mens accessories so we've made it easier for you to speak to us. So, if you're on the look out for something special and in a hurry you can get to to us that little bit easier. 

We have been working to build a better, more personal way for you to stay in touch with us, one that moves us out of your inboxes and into a more intimate space. 

Simply click the message us at the bottom right of the creen or Whatsapp us on 07595765345

Broniandbo launch Facebook messenger

Don't be afraid to drop us a line, even if its that 4 o'clock lul preriod at work, say hi its 4pm and will send you a joke as well a special discount.


June 21, 2016 — Matthew Boulding

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