Knitted Bow Ties

The Knitted Bow Tie

For several years now men’s knitted accessories have become a staple item in a man’s Wardrobe.

Rather than the classic tie to wear around the office, knitted ties and knitted bow ties have an exuberance that bridges the gap between the formal attire to your casual ensemble.

Now it is acceptable to wear a knitted bow tie to any occasion, such as work, a wedding, a christening and even on the street.

Knitted Bow Ties for your wedding


Colour is obviously one of the first factors in your decision process. Buying the wrong colour can potentially damage how the knitted bow tie looks on you.

Matching your bow tie with the contrast of your skin tone and hair colour is essential to creating the right look. If you have a high contrast meaning you have pale skin but dark hair you will suit complementary colours.

By complementary colours regards to the colour wheel you would be picking opposite shades as you can pull this off. Darker skin shades are an exception to the hair and skin rule, high contrast works best for them too. Medium contrast between skin and hair colour fits with brown skin tones and black hair or tanned skin tones with brown hair.

Men that fit in this category have the greatest number of options with being able to pull off medium to bold colours.

The best look would be a darker suit, block colour shirt and a bright Bow Tie to be the statement of the outfit.

Plain blue shirt and pink knitted bow tie

Finally for the low contrast in skin meaning the lighter skin tone with the lighter shade of hair. This category of  males have to be very specific with the colours  they choose. The low contrast is best to stay with the same colour scheme relating with the analogous colour wheel. By this I mean stay with similar shades like blue and purple or orange and red.

If someone with pale skin and light hair wears a bold colour it takes the focus from their face to the bright product their wearing. 


A Knitted Bow Tie can be worn as a street style statement right across the board to a formal accessory. You can spruce up a plain denim shirt by adding a Patterned Knitted Bow Tie to create the dapper gentleman look with a street style vibe.

Denim Shirt and Knitted Bow Tie

If you want to go for a formal look you can wear a suit and a plain shirt with a plain Bow Tie and this will look classy yet with the hint of dapper with the texture of the Knitted Bow Tie.

For those that fit in the light skin and light hair category, a plain Knitted Bow Tie will suit you rather than a busy design that will ‘wash you’ out. For males that fall into the high contrast category a busy design will suit you because with your light skin and dark hair your face can carry off the bold design.


At Broni&Bo we have numerous patterns for our Knitted Bow Ties. Our broad spectrum is from Polka dots to stripes, we have a wide range of colours in selected styles.

Younger males will work a Patterned Knitted Bow Tie and a Patterned Suit Jacket but for the older gentleman only one of the above will work best. By only wearing one it won’t overkill the dapper gentlemen vibe, instead it will add that extra class and definition to your outfit. 

Polka Dot and patterned Jacket

Virtual Try on

If you are not always willing to experiment with the trend yourself, we have developed virtual try using the latest technology to enable you to test over 30 colours from the comfort of your own home.

You can find out more in our latest blog.

For more style inspiration about knitted ties check out our Suit and Tie Guide 


October 26, 2020 — Matthew Boulding

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