Bow Tie Wedding Inspiration

No one said it was going to be easy getting married and we are not talking about the relationship part. Men today are more involved in the nuptials than ever before and play a more active role in their attire.

It's not as simple as putting on a suit, turning up and just saying yes. Now its personal, your style that is. When it comes to dressing for a wedding everyone thinks guys have the easy job. But looking, and feeling great on your wedding day is just as important for the groom as it is for the bride (yes I said it).

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to your outfit and then there are the accessories to go with it. We don't simply say I like that one, they have to complement your theme and unless you're featuring on don't tell the bride we'll guarantee you'll be checking with the bride and her mood board.

So, to help you get started we have put together a range of bow ties to give you and your bride some inspiration.

Whether you’re going for the latest trend, a sophisticated affair, contemporary or pushing the boundaries with boho chic we have styles to match your theme this year.

This seasons colour

This season colour pallet are pinks, golden yellow and champagne. If you want to keep on trend then you can opt for the dusty pink or make a bold statement with a more electric pink.


This seasons colour bow ties for your wedding

1. Golden Yellow 2. Champagne 3. Pink 4. Dusty Pink


A black tie/ bow tie is timeless, if you want to look sophisticated and for your wedding to be a classy event this is the accessory for you. The colour black brings a clean cut sharp edge to the wedding but with the Knitted effect brings a youthful yet elegant look. We've taken the timeless classic and added a little twist.


Bow ties for a sophisticated wedding

1. Black & White Diamond 2. Black & White Horizontal Stripe 3. Black 4. White 5. Black & White Diagonal Stripe


If you are opting for contemporary chic, simple décor with a hint of cool thrown in then these are the bow ties for you.

Contemporary style bow ties for your wedding

1. Burgundy 2. Racing Green 3. Royal Purple 4. Lilac 5. Cream


Traditional weddings do not apply here - If you are a rocker or you’re just in love with the theme then these Bow Ties will push the boundaries of tradition further than you can imagine

Rocker bow ties for your wedding

1. White & Black Detail 2. Black & White Puzzle 3. Black & White Check 4. Black & White Check 5. Black & White Polka Dot 6. Black & White Stripe detail


If your style is a little less ordinary and you want to add a splash of colour to your wedding attire then these adjustable and pre tied knits are the the perfect way to stand out.

Quirky bow ties for your wedding

1. Knitted bow tie

There are many bow ties to choose but the style and colour should always link back to your wedding theme to ensure that you are on trend. Going off piste when it comes to your look will make you stick out for all the wrong reasons.

March 13, 2016 — Matthew Boulding

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